Conflict Resolution

“An inability to resolve conflicts is a very common reason couples initiate therapy.  Many of us grew up seeing our parents resolve (or not resolve) conflict in a less than healthy way.  There are many tools and skills available to resolvie conflict, but there are not a part of most people’s upbringings. .Very often, the conflict evolves from the initial “issue” to a conflict about how each is treating the other during the conflict.  This can be raised voices, criticism, defensiveness, withdrawal, desperation, among others.   In gaining a greater awareness of your own emotions and reactions during conflicts, you can learn to regulate emotions and manage stress levels, which can contribute to more productive and constructive conflict resolution.

We work with individuals to identify and address the underlying causes of conflicts. We help individuals explore their own triggers, beliefs, and past experiences that may contribute to the conflict. By gaining insight into these underlying factors, individuals can better understand their own reactions and develop strategies to manage and resolve conflicts more effectively.  In therapy, we emphasize the importance of empathy and validation, encouraging individuals to validate each other’s feelings and experiences, even when they may disagree.”