I (Karen) am licensed through the State of Alaska to provide supervision to Marriage and Family Therapy Associates.  I have also worked with several graduate schools to supervise internships.  In supervision, I provide guidance, support, and oversight to ensure the professional development and well-being of these therapists. It typically includes regular weekly meetings, case discussions, and ongoing feedback to help them improve their clinical skills and enhance their therapeutic effectiveness.

Supervision also involves discussing ethical considerations, professional boundaries, and legal requirements to ensure that the associate therapists adhere to the highest standards of practice.  When ethical dilemmas arise I provide guidance on how to handle challenging situations.

Self care is a priority for the associate and beginning therapists I work with. Therapy involves “Emotional Labor” and it can be a steep learning curve as therapists managing the emotional demands of the therapeutic work. I encourage associates to reflect on their own emotional well-being, stress management techniques, and strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Overall, the supervision of associate therapists aims to foster their professional growth, enhance their clinical skills, and ensure the provision of high-quality care to clients. It is a collaborative and dynamic process that promotes continuous learning, self-reflection, and the development of a strong therapeutic identity.

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