“Couples often initiate therapy when they note a lack of connection with one another. Often the day to day business of life gets in the way, and spending time together gradually becomes less of a priority. If you find yourself looking at your partner and feeling you don’t really recognize them, or if you find yourself lonely and missing the intimate connection you used to have, couples therapy can help. We recognize that human connection is vital for our emotional well-being and overall satisfaction in life. People with satisfying intimate relationships live longer, are healthier, and have a greater quality of .life than those who don’t. In therapy, we help individuals develop the skills and awareness needed to cultivate and nurture meaningful connections with others.

We recognize that building connection requires a deep understanding of oneself. Some people show up for therapy unfamiliar with their feelings, and the first order of business is to teach people to identify feelings, within their awareness and within their bodies. We provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their own emotions, beliefs, and past experiences, as these can greatly impact their ability to connect with others. By gaining insight into their own patterns and triggers, individuals can better navigate their relationships and form healthier connections.

Often, there are underlying issues that hinder connection, such as trust issues, attachment styles, or unresolved conflicts. By working through these challenges, individuals can overcome barriers and create a more secure and fulfilling connection with their loved ones.

Ultimately, the goal of working on connection in relationships is to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can express themselves, be heard, and feel understood. Through therapy, individuals can develop the skills and insights necessary to build and maintain strong, meaningful connections that enrich their lives.”