Mental Health First Aid Kit for KIDS.


This cute tote holds everything your child will need to mangage big emotions. Developed by a Licensed Family Therapist, these kits are filled with tools to help little hearts, minds and bodies navigate the emotional ups and downs of life. Most coping strategies involve focusing attention on the body and the here and now. This whimsical kit is designed to engage ALL your child’s senses from soothing peppermint scented chap stick to magical balloons that your child can blow all the hard feelings into; from coloring books to fill with bright colors to sour candy to bring your child’s attention to taste. A worry stone, a stress ball, a squishmallow and a fidget toy engage touch; a coloring book, crayons, a journal and colored pencils engage both sight and imagination; bubble gum for smell, taste, and because people generally only eat when they feel safe, so chewing might help “trick” the brain into believing your child is safe. This kit includes a timer to set for 20 minutes, because research tells us that when the fight, flight, freeze, faint or fawn system is activated, it takes a normal liver about 20 minutes to filter the excitatory hormones from the blood stream. Your child can blow bubbles and there is even a photo sleeve for your child to remember a person, pet or place that feels safe. With this kit in hand, your child can tap into their innate tools for self regulation and feel empowered to handle situations that bring big and sometimes scary feelings. This is a must-have for youngsters on the journey to emotional well-being. Yes, I know there’s a turtle on the kit but the company is KiwiCalm; that is because I ordered the kits before I had settled on the logo.


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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 cm


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